Thursday, July 23, 2009

Choe's Organization Nodutdol Features Pro-Palestinian, Anti-Israel Group on its Website

In February 2009, Nodutol posted a favorable profile on its website of Al-Awda-NY, a pro-Palestinian group, which contends that Palestinians “were exiled by Zionist Terror Gangs in the early 1900’s” and “the formation of the Zionist Israeli State in 1948”. According to Nodutol, Al-Awda-NY advocates “to ensure that the right of Palestinians to return to their homes would not be negotiated or liquidated by unrepresentative parties, the US and the Israeli state.”

Nodutol’s anti-Israel advocacy is consistent with the official policies of the North Korean government. North Korea does not recognize Israel as a state, instead recognizing the Palestinian National Authority, and Israeli citizens who are Jewish are barred from visiting North Korea.

In a January 2009 announcement on its website, Nodutol encouraged its members to sign a petition against Israel’s military action in Gaza, exclaiming, “Act now before it’s too late! Protest against the Israel genocide against Palestinians! Stop U.S. Support to Israel!”

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